Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News ....

Congrats to our step-dad (in-law) Rand - he's going to be baptized on Nov 7th!

We're so excited and love you both!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Layla Jane

Elliot Naomi

Jude Archer

We have 3 new babies in the family - all born in the last month. I did steal most of these pictures from the internet, no one get mad please. I can't wait for Christmas to meet them!!

special guest(s) - part 3

I've mentioned before how much I LOVE that Steph and Mike moved closer .... well they stopped in utah county on their way down south this week and we went to the Kangaroo Zoo!

Love these kiddos.

And this one.

special guest - part 2

So our great friends, THE GILLRIES, went to San Jose for their adorable nephew MATTHEW'S baby blessing. They recently got a puppy, and she needed somewhere to stay. Our house was an obvious choice, as Gwen and Brok are great friends.... Here are some highlights of our week with little Gwen.

We had a great week of wrestling and hiking - We love when Gwen comes to visit!

special guest - part 1

So last week Lucas' adorable baby brother came to visit from Michigan. He recently returned from serving a mission in Argentina, and came out for conference (which was awesome).

This is Coulter. (fake birthday)

We did a lot of really fun things while he was here ... here are some of them:

Maybe he'll move to Utah to find a wife. Wouldn't that be great?