Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I don't have much to say.

Sometimes I feel like we have a lot going on, but I really don't have anything to blog about. Current highlights:

**working on the nursery -- any thoughts on adding a chair rail? maybe a little wainscoting? Lucas is going to town refinishing all of the furniture, and we're painting this week.
**Lucas got a promotion at work. It's pretty exciting. He's working with the same kids (proctor care, substance abuse program), and really loves it. Plus, he's awesome at it.
**We spent the day in Park City this weekend, got Lucas the most awesome boots in the world: THESE, but with a black sole. They're incredible. And spent a bunch of money on baby girl items (mostly clearance!). We're really getting excited.
**Speaking of pregnancy, I'm officially in the 3rd trimester! Baby girl is the size of a Chinese Cabbage:
... and I'm feeling huge, but really great.

Here are some random things from the internet:

THIS is a really great thought. Thanks L Tom.

A really great post from one of my favorite blogs. I almost cried.

10 great Halloween books from Design Mom.

Have you seen the rendering of the Fort Collins, CO temple? It's different, and so so pretty. Road trip in the future hopefully.

Lastly, why can't I just do this??

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well Halloween is coming ... it's on a Wednesday, so I doubt we'll do anything. Wait, we don't do anything since we've had proctor kids. This particular holiday is a huge trigger for these kids (generally), so we usually just end up hanging out at home. I'm totally okay with this, btw. I really like hanging out at home, especially if I can hang out there with Lucas and watch a scary movie on the couch.* Add a huge bowl of assorted chocolate to that mix and I'm sold.

So maybe I spent half of my shift looking at pictures of dog Halloween costumes tonight. Here are some of my favorites ... please vote.





*Remember back in the old days of dating when you loved watching scary movies on the couch with a boy so you could act all scared and cuddle up real close to him? I'm totally doing that on Halloween.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some links for you

A Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2012 Democratic and Republic Party Platform Documents

Missing Google maps on your iphone since the iOS udpate?

I want pretty much everything from here ... especially this.

My new favorite time-waster ... and it makes me feel smart.

A really great gift idea website.

My case is starting to fall apart ... but I'd be happy with any one of these.

Awesome pics from the National Geographic photo contest.

My new favorite pinterest page - Baby DIY.

October is National Down Syndrome month! Hopefully you know someone with Down Syndrome you can hug this month :)

Porn for pregnant ladies. Oh yeah.