Saturday, September 13, 2014

oh hey

My loving husband has informed me that this blog silence has gone on long enough, it's been nearly a year(!). So here's a little update ....

Lucas: not much has changed in this area ... still works for The Journey, still loves working with delinquent rascals. Luke is maybe the best dad I've ever seen, he and Delta are the best of friends. Every single morning the first thing out of her mouth is to ask for Daddy (then Brok, but that's beside the point). She loves his truck and his beard and his tickles. And everything else about him.

Mindy: pregnant! Due in a week, in fact. I'm sorry if this blog update is the way you're finding out about this. I started a job at Utah Valley Dispatch last December, and despite the fact that I hate working full time, I really love working here. I love dispatching, and I've made lots of fun new friends ... At church I'm teaching primary to the 10 and 11 year old girls. They're so smart and fun and LOVE Delta and made me cupcakes for my birthday. We're studying the Old Testament, which I secretly love reading and learning about.

Delta: 20 months old. Probably Definitely the smartest and cutest kid alive. She is so excited to have a baby sister (maybe ... maybe she doesn't really understand), and is already practicing her mothering skills. I love to hear her messing around in her crib saying "night-night baby" as she tucks in her doll and animals. She is very independent, very loving and sweet, and as mentioned before, a genius. She's starting to put words together into sentences and surprises us daily with the use of new words. I know that she's MY kid and I'm a little bias, but she really is the sweetest little gal.
Delta loves reading, animals, the bath, kids (cousins especially), nursery, Grandma's house, veggies, jewelry, babies, singing, and outside. She can name her colors and animal sounds, and is working on ABCs and counting. She especially loves purple, Peg+Cat and Daniel Tiger (TV shows), could eat eggs (with cheese, obv) for every meal, and Brok is her BFF. She's just such a character, I can't believe how lucky we are to have her in our family.

Highlights from the past year:
- Mindy's new job - Utah Valley Dispatch
- Delta turned 1 in January!
- quit proctoring this summer (bittersweet)
- anniversary trip to Vegas in May with the Meachams
- Whole 30 in April - changed our lives and bodies (for a minute)
- awesome family reunion to Missoula with Luke's siblings - I wish we lived by all of them
- quick weekend in Chicago for Luke's birthday
- my little bro got married - welcome Danielle to our family and B&D to our basement :)
- a million other things I'm forgetting

Here are some pictures (a million and out of order, sorry):

1 - kids/grandkids LOLO, MT
2 - grandkids LOLO, MT
3 - L Kane fam LOLO, MT
5 - B&D wedding

2 - Delta
3 - family reunion LOLO, MT
4 - Delta & Sophie LOLO, MT
5 - prayers LOLO, MT

1 - Easter
2 - baby girl
3 - Delta
4 - about halfway ...looking huge
5 - LOLO, MT

1 - Christmas
2 - winter hike SOUTH FORK, PROVO CANYON
3 - Delta turns 1!
4 - Delta 18 months
5 - MOAB

Now everyone say a little prayer that I'll keep this space updated a little more regularly :)