Saturday, October 5, 2013

a couple of things

I'm sorry if you were expecting an update on my darling daughter ... but this post has nothing to do with little Deltie. I just have a couple of things to share, and ask that you check them out:

1st - my sweetheart of a niece, Sophie. Her family is raising money for their local Down Syndrome family support and advocacy group. They are super close to reaching their goal - check it out and donate if you can!

Click HERE for details and to help them reach their goal!

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And 2nd - Jillyn. My dear friend who is in ROUND 2 of her cancer battle ... In Dec. 2011 Jillyn Larsen was pronounced cancer free after almost a year of chemotherapy for Colon Cancer. Recently, after a surgery to remove a tennis ball-sized cyst from her ovary, Jillyn and her husband Brandon received the hard news that the cancer had returned. Now they face a second round of chemo for an indeterminate amount of time...possibly for her lifetime. With Brandon being a full-time student the family's income rests solely on Jillyn, including their health insurance benefits. Click HERE to see how you can help.

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and just for fun ... my sweet babe