Monday, February 21, 2011

the happiest place on earth

I just love Disneyland. It makes me feel like I'm 6 in such a good way. Here are a whole bunch of pictures from our trip, which was totally awesome.

We stopped in Vegas on the way down and had a blast, then spent a night in San Diego with my favorite, Abby and Kevin. We had dinner at a super fancy restaurant ON the beach. Like, 20 feet from the water. It was glorious.

I'm trying to be artistic and a photographer with my lovely new camera, so feel free to roll your eyes at these. We spent at least an hour in line for Indiana Jones ... I just love how anywhere you go in Disneyland they make you feel like you're really there ... wherever it is they want you to think you are.

We celebrated the Lunar New Year and visited some of the classics ...

All in all, it was a glorious trip ...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

vacation time

The time has come. My 30-year old husband, who has never been to Disneyland, will finally be able to experience the magic. We're spending a day in San Diego (with my bff Abby, can't wait!!), then 2 days at the Magic Kingdom. Hopefully we'll be able to see and ride everything ...

What's your favorite part of Disneyland? Your must-ride? What should I make sure Lucas gets to experience??

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well we went snowboarding once. Sad that we've only been one time this year ... there will be more. We went to Solitude with Luke's brother Andy, who was here for the Alt Summit. It was his first time, and he was awesome!

and..... I got a new camera!

Thanks to my favorite sister Steph for getting a new camera so I can have hers. You're the best!
Here is sample of my photo-taking skills, mostly attributed to the camera and Steph for teaching me everything I know.

Yes, that is a broken pipe. My handyman of a husband fixed our plumbing with his own two hands. What a dream.