Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful #2: I love to see the Temple

Okay, so maybe I'll just do a bunch of things that I'm thankful for before Thanksgiving .... I missed a couple of days, thanks to my awesome brother-in-law, Andy Kane. He came to Salt Lake to teach a screen-printing class at Nicole's Art Weekend, and it was awesome. We went to his class, went to some other classes and hung out with him a bunch. I couldn't blog because I was just that busy.

My thankful item for today is temples. This is one of my favorites: Salt Lake.

We took Steph's kiddos to see it since we were downtown on Saturday (Steph met us for a photoshop class at the art weekend and we got to hang with the kids ...) When we asked Carter if he wanted to go see the Salt Lake Temple he got a funny look in his eye, looked off into the distance, and started singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" - what a great kid. We checked out all of the fountains at Temple Square and even learned where President Monson works and lives (Carter: Can we go visit him??) We rode the train (Trax) all over town and checked out the Planetarium. Great day.

Back to temples.
Got married here:

Want to visit here, here, and here:

Kiev, Ukraine

Manila, Phillipines

Edmonton, Alberta

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julieb said...

lets have another temple date soon please. and i jsut noticed your blog uses military time. awesome

SamYam said...

Please come to Edmonton Alberta and visit your favorite Albertan-Canasian-American-Utahn Friend.