Thursday, February 25, 2010


My sister has a sister-in-law who I really love, and she's super hilarious, and I would really love to be friends with her except that she's not MY sister-in-law, and she lives in Jackson Hole (jealous).
Anyway, she has a really funny blog that I like to read, and she did a great post yesterday about lists. Here it is: Gina's blog

I really loved her list, and I love her attitude about how it's so easy for her to appreciate things. And I thought, why not? I can make a list. So I did.

My favorites lately:
google reader
the highwaymen
my sweet new google phone (compliments of Lucas)
crystal lite packets
cover girl smoothers (thanks julie)
dr laura
my snuggy
the red barn in santaquin (best apples)
reading in the tub
sugar-free peanut butter
the new honda accord crosstour
giraffe print anything
Tuffy got adopted! He goes home to New Mexico on March 8th.
st george and st george hikes (maybe later I'll blog about the 2nd annual Kane-Gillrie Valentines weekend getaway)

Thanks Gina for a great idea, and if you ever happen to read this, please don't think I'm a stalker.

PS look how cute she is with her husband Glade - and our neice Halle ... twins practically.


julieb said...

i love this list, and have been listening to dr laura like every day after work, shes so mean, and i love her, and i want to go to egypt with you, and a second st george nice weather trip with real hiking or canyoning sounds soooo good.

julieb said...

oh, and im glad tuffy got adopted, are they going to fly out for him? can we have a gwen tuffy play date before then?

Stephanie said...

OH I'm glad you love Gina. I am glad to have her. She really looks like hal in this picture. Your list is good. I bought a snuggli and I love to read in the tub. Very good list. Very good.

Gina and Glade said...

Thanks for writing all those nice things!Your post made my day--make that week. Seriously! I love the descriptions of you and lucas on the side of your blog. They're nice lists in themselves. Hope you guys are doing great.