Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, remember when I cut out 98% of the stress in my life by quitting my job? Well, it's creeping back in. I recently became full-time at The Journey, which I'm really really excited about. Mostly because it's full-time on my own terms. I can work pretty much whenever I want, as long as I get everything done. So I can go in when the boys are at school in the mornings, or in the evenings before I pick them up after therapy ... I really love it. Plus, it's quality assurance, with a lot of filing and stapling and highlighting and faxing and organizing. I wonder how long I'll be fascinated with the idea of being a secretary ....

So that's new.

Also, I'm having kind of an issue with clutter. I know we've only lived in our house for 4 months, but I feel like the clutter is taking over my life. Maybe it's the boy stuff everywhere or the laundry taking over my life ... but I think mostly it's the kitchen. I feel like I have about 10 square feet of counter top space and it's completely covered. The toaster, the kitchenaid, my fruit bowl ... I hate it. I need help. I feel like I can't get rid of these things ... I need a kitchenaid, obviously. But I have nowhere to put them. I suppose the kitchenaid can stay on the countertop, but I'd really like to stop it there. Any suggestions for organization in a small kitchen? Should I just get rid of these things that I think I need? Help.

In recent news, our dear friends the DeHarts were married. They had a lovely wedding ceremony at the Manti temple, isn't it beautiful? Sorry MJ's face is covered by her hand, it was the only non-blurry photo.

If you go here, Elle Imagery, you can see some awesome photos taken by their photographer, Lacey. In the weddings, then bridals section. They're just great. And the greatest reception. They made jam and had pie instead of cake.

And it was my birthday last week. My mom brought me a lovely cheesecake from costco, the gals at work and I nearly polished it off ... thanks mom, you're the best.


Stephanie said...

Good luck with the clutter. I'll see if I can come up with some suggestions for you.
And I was really hoping they would spell something wrong on your cake....darn.

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

my last kitchen was pretty small so we got a two door pantry cabinet at Lowe's to put all the food in and I put my toaster in a drawer cause I'm like you and don't like having lots of stuff on my counter. It worked out well for me. Hope you de-clutter to your liking! And happy birthday!

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Girl! Definitely don't throw it away! Do you have room for a little hutch for added cupboard space?