Sunday, January 16, 2011

post #100

Gwen (Brok's BFF) came to stay for a couple of weeks while our dear friends Matt and Julie went on a lovely trip to Brazil ... see how much fun they had here and here. We didn't have as much fun, but we did do a lot of hiking in the snow ...

(Brok FREAKED out when we saw this deer ... luckily we were in the car or we would've never seen him again).

ALSO, I know that half of my blog posts are youtube videos, but I really can't help it sometimes. I'm completely obsessed with this commercial (but I don't drink beer). I love the commercial, especially the music. The Asteroid Galaxy Tour is my new favorite band.

Maybe I watched it like 19 times on a graveyard shift, and we've probably watched it 100 times since then. And downloaded the song on my phone.

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Lorien said...

hello, we are obsessed with this song and video now too! I love it, John had me download this song and a couple others from the band today ... love it