Monday, June 13, 2011


I've never been a cat lover. In fact, most of my life I've been a cat hater ... they're sneaky. Well, one of the perks (downfalls?) of working at the police station is animal control side of things. We get to see some pretty fun things - a baby cougar found in a stairwell, some tiny raccoons in a chimney last week ... this time it was kitties. A mama and her two babies. Well, Justin (our animal control officer) remembered that one day (last January after I had watched a particularly sad movie about a kitten NOT getting adopted) I mentioned that I wanted a cat.
So I brought one home. Turns out the boys love it, and Lucas didn't complain at all. In fact, I think he likes it too ... It's a girl kitty, so obviously we named her Artemis, after:

from It's Always Sunny

She's actually pretty cute, for a cat.

We've decided to keep her ... at least until Ryan's snake gets so hungry he eats her.

And just for fun, a couple of my very favorite boys:


julieb said...

yeah! a cat!!!!! and what a great name. I cant wait to come and see her!!! gwen will freak out, what does brok think of her?

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry, I may not ever come to your house again. :)
Please don't bring her camping. I can barely handle your dog. Did you always like animals this much? I guess I should have realized when you had that ridiculous lizard.

Stephanie said...

Sorry. That was a mean comment. We are really excited to see you tomorrow. We're even a little excited to camp.

Lorien said...

First, Stephanie your comments are great! not mean in any way, they make me smile ... Second, I secretly love cats, dont tell Sione. I just hope she stays nice and doesn't get a cat-titude, ha! sorry had to say it ... I can't wait to cuddle her, and love her name, its perfect.

Lucas Kane said...

Is that a picture with Artemis and Chance's shaved legs?