Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 -- to do

Sorry if you're sick of reading New Years Resolutions posts. If this is the case, please re-direct your browser at this time. Also, I know it's late and I already haven't done any of them. Fail. But I'm pregnant, and I'm running out of time to use that excuse. So give me a break.

First - have a baby! I'm not due until Jan 15th .... but I'm hoping she comes a little early. I'm dying to see her face.

Second - own less crap. Lucas and I were just discussing how much we hate the millions of piles of STUFF around our house. It's got to go.

Third - house projects. Upstairs floors, upstairs bathroom, KITCHEN. Backyard sprinkler system, siding on the shed, fence?? Good news? We're DONE with the basement! (well ... maybe we'll replace the carpet in the future... maybe).

Fourth - I want to memorize the Articles of Faith. I did it once, in Primary, but I feel like I should know them by heart.

Fifth - Instagram. Photo a day ... a kind of photo journal of the year. I think it will be much easier once the babe is born (those of you who follow me on Instagram will be overwhelmed with little lady pictures I fear).

AND, probably the most important of all: Make a habit of family prayer and scripture study. We kind of suck at it, but we have to do it. So the goal is to make it a habit in our life before our kids are old enough to know any better.

"Your habits of family prayer and scripture reading will create more lasting memories and greater changes of heart than you may realize now. Even apparently temporal activities, such as attending an athletic event or watching a movie, can shape a child’s heart. What matters is not the activity but the feelings that come as you do it."

Henry B Eyring - Help Them Aim High


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