Thursday, August 6, 2009


I don't actually make dinner too often due to the fact that we're never really home, and there are only two of us ... but when I do, I like to make it good. I have to prove to Luke that I'm a good cook because he's a really good cook and I don't want to look bad. Usually I try fancy recipes I've found on the internet at work. I made this one the other night and it was pretty awesome.

recipe can be found here


Stephanie said...

Hey, that looks a lot more like your style anyway. Good job with the header. It looks great. Carter just asked me what brok was looking at in that picture. He's really excited to see you tomorrow. We don't need you to bring anything.

Bryndee Slade said...

this looks divine. I want the recipe and the link doesn't work. You're amazing. I love you.

julieb said...

i can leave you a comment!!!
please make that fish for me!
actually, my request is chicken enchaladas, for my birthday. maybe you and luke can have an enchalada competition. i will be the judge. you will probably win, dont tell luke.

Wong's Paradise said...


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

The link worked for me. I love salmon...

Anonymous said...

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