Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I went on Trek with Lucas this week.

Trek: hiking and camping in the freezing cold for several days with a bunch of juvenile delinquents and my wonderful husband.

It was a total blast. I mean, I had the best time ever. We went to the San Rafael Swell for 4 days, and it was gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite shots (I'm really sorry for a million pictures):

This was my view most of the week ... boys pushing the handcart.

We saw lots of cool scenery ...

This was our first campsite - under a huge bridge, it was completely awesome. All of the boys stuff, the other staff tent, and smoke in the rafters.

My boys hiking.

Brok was my favorite. He totally thought he was in charge, and went to bed super early every night. He loved the tent, and he always had to be hiking in front of everyone else.

And here are a couple of my very favorites.

Brok, 4 hours after getting home, he hasn't moved from this spot on the couch.


Stephanie said...

Very good pictures. I love the one with the sun. Carter likes the one with Brok. I'm glad you could go. I've missed chatting with you though.

Stephanie said...

WAIT...does your dog have hiking shoes on?? Oh brother!! (please sense my disgust)

julieb said...

your trip looks so so fun!!! and i love all the pics of brok, and his booties and pack. and his frozen wiskers. so so cute

Wong's Paradise said...

FUN!! Hope your Awesome sleeping bag kept you warm.. Great pictures, love Brok..

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

that looks so fun...and miserable at the same time. i hate snow. um i love brockk in the 1st pic. off to the left, out of the snow doing his own thing. and the last pic of him is hilarious!

leo and tati said...

your pics make me miss my days of hiking and camping in the desert with kids. hot summers, freezing winters... loved it all

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

LOL! That last pic of Brok is so so funny! Smart to put those shoes on him too! We've made the mistake before of not preparing the pups for a hike, and have had to treat raw paws for weeks. So so smart! Looks like so much fun too! Hiking...ugh...I can't wait for summer!