Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a good read

I know I'm probably way behind the popular reading crowd ... but I just finished this book:

I totally loved it. Maybe it's the way Gerald Lund makes it so easy to enjoy the awesome history (which he totally researched the crap out of and made it completely accurate) and also adds a cute little love story. Or maybe I loved it because every single chapter I was checking maps and indexes (included) to see if I could go see the places where these incredible people were risking their lives to fulfill their mission.
Unfortunately, most of the places they went are un-visitable. But I still want to go see what is available.....
Here are some photos from the internet:

"The Chute", from this blog, one of the crazy hills they took their wagons down after building the road.

"Hole in the Rock", from another great website, which is an awesome source for cool pictures and great info about the Hole in the Rock expedition.

If you haven't, you should probably read it.

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Stephanie said...

I know! I loved this book as well. The amazing pioneers...