Saturday, July 10, 2010

some things

Here are some photos from some of the things we've been up to recently.

Strawberry Days Rodeo (I know, almost a month ago ...) with the DeHarts and Peays. Love them. And I do realize the picture of us is blurry, it probably won't be the only one on this post ...

We had an extra fun little visitor, our darling neice Halle while her family went to St Louis without her.

throwing rocks

rolling down the hill with uncle yuccas

watching dora

Lucas went to Nauvoo for his brother's wedding ...


babies. layla and elliot

kyle and melissa

luke at the nauvoo temple, probaby missing me

We've been doing our usual hiking and playing in the canyon ... with a little rock climbing lately.

south fork

south fork

maple canyon

Oh, and I quit my job. Today is officially my last day ... it's bittersweet.


Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

looks like fun! what was your job if you don't mind me askin'?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for caring for my little Hal. She is still asking for yuccas.

The Adams said...

You quit your job!!???
Wait..does this mean no more blog!!????
Ellen your fav

The Bastian's said...

You what?!! You need to update my blog girl!
Looks like your doing awesome, I like your hair too!