Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our life has settled into a nice little routine lately. We currently have 2 proctor boys - Daniel and Billy - and we're loving it. We get a 3rd boy this weekend, more of short-term (probably about a month) and we're super excited. I was pretty nervous about having proctor kids, but it's been great so far. Maybe we've just been extra lucky, we do have great kids.

We've been rock climbing a bunch lately, and spending as much time up the canyon as possible. Since I quit Provo I've had tons of free time and I've actually been able to hang out with Lucas ... I love it.

(a neat little cemetery -- freedom, ut)

(daniel climbing)

(brok making himself at home)

(luke's first lead climb)

(hot boy)

I love summertime.

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Stephanie said...

Summer is great. When are we going to see you next? Hal misses you.
p.s. I am happy that you quit your job.