Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I love people

I know that my attitude is generally the opposite of this, I'm usually annoyed with everyone ... but today has been a great day.
Lately my car has been dying randomly. At the post office, my driveway, Summit High School, and today: Target. I was procrastinating having it checked out because I didn't want to accept that my car had a problem and I really didn't want to pay to have that problem fixed. But today was the last straw.

Reason I love people today #1 - the nicest lady in the Target parking lot ever. Apparently she just moved here from San Diego and is getting used to the sweater weather .... she was so nice. Pulled her car right over and gave me a jump. Thanks lady.

Reason #2 - Autozone. Period. I freaking love that place. I went to the nearest store and the guy came right out and did some tests ... it was only the battery. He even came out and installed the new battery for me.

Reason #3 - Deseret Industries. I'm not saying I want to quit my job and work there, but they're the nicest employer I know. Billy ran from our house TWICE and ended up in Detention for a week and a half and they still gave him his job back. In fact, when he went down to beg for his job today they asked if he could start right back up again. Right then. Incredible. With any luck he'll have his cell phone and ipod priveleges back in no time ...

There are tons of other reasons I'm loving people today, those are just my top 3.

Also, this website made me smile.

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Lorien said...

oh man! why didnt you call me!! Im glad there are some good samaritans left in the world...