Friday, October 8, 2010

mini UCAC

Remember UCAC? It was the best. Ever.
Well Luke and I decided to go on a little adventure with the boys ... a Sunday afternoon drive adventure to re-enact the first ever UCAC adventure.
We went to Thistle.

We stopped in Diamond Fork on the way home to chase cows. There are no pictures of this because I wasn't chasing cows. But I did take this picture, which I love:

PS Thanks Julie for the UCAC remembrance link.


Stephanie said...

Very pretty picture of the sun over the mountain. And I love the last one. See you next week. SAturday afternoon. WEdding is at 2:20 so maybe meet a little before 2? Thanks again. Kiddies miss you.

julieb said...

wait, is that the bike graveyard? where are all the bikes?

brikon said... yeah. I remember