Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's 4:42 in the AM and I'm at work. I arrived at work last night just in time for a major federal felony warrant service involving 4 agencies, 2 K9s, and SWAT, as well as a knife-wielding old lady accusing her neighbors of breaking into her apartment ... all at the same time. Things were pretty intense until 3 or so. When it cooled down, I started a netflix and pulled out a magazine... Then at 4:30 the 911's start ringing (PS I'm by myself) and there's a big fight going on at one of our favorite apartment complexes. I called another agency to help out, and 30 minutes later that's over.
I just love my job. That's all.

This week is Spring Break for the kids. And for us, that means Trek. Lucas and I will be taking a bunch of delinquents down to Boulder for 4 days of backpacking, solo overnighters, an exciting rappel, and much much more... we're actually taking our 2 boys down a night early to help set up the rappel for another group. And Brok is coming. He loves Trek.

Also, we went to dinner tonight with some friends to celebrate a birthday, and got into some really great conversation about kids and drugs and how when we were 12 we had no idea about the real world. And here are these kids that are using and selling meth. And all kinds of other things. Crazy. It just makes me think about how scary it is for the youth of the Church, and how it will be even more scary when my kids are faced with even harder challenges and trials. I don't really like to think about it. Lorien and I decided we'd really just rather be living in 1955. Next door to June Cleaver.

And speaking of Lorien .... I really want to say how grateful I am to have great friends. I feel like the trials in my life are hardly mentionable compared to what others are going through, but sometimes I need to whine. I have a bunch of really understanding and supportive people in my life (sisters and friends and co-workers and neighbors and HUSBAND) who know just what to do and say to brighten my day.
I'm lucky.


leo and tati said...

I LOVE that area of Utah! One of my favorites. Leo and I went down last summer and it was one of the best trips.

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

I agree with the raising kids. Chris and I had a huge discussion about if we should homeschool our kiddies. I never in my life thought I'd ever consider it. Makes sense now a days though.

And what the heck do you do for your job? sounds nuts and slightly awesome.

Lorien said...

Yay Mindy, I am glad that you had a good night, and I am a bit jealous! And I totally wish we could transport ourselves back in time, wouldnt it be grand?! I feel the same way about you, I love that our friendship is so open and honest! Thank YOU!

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

wow sounds like a fun night to walk into at work!
i love brok's little hiking shoes! cant wait to go camping this year!