Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I would like to start out with how much I loved General Conference this weekend. I just love President Monson and his wonderful sense of humor. There were so many great messages from our church leaders ... And Saturday was so great. Lucas got us all excited to do some deep cleaning (I don't know why I'm never motivated to wash blinds ...) and we turned conference up loud and cleaned. I loved it. Then Sunday I got to work the day shift, which is the best shift ever. I get to work by myself and nothing ever happens (except that Sunday mornings are probably the most common time for people to die). This Sunday morning was wonderfully quiet at work and I got to watch practically uninterrupted. Glorious.


And how exciting is this?? 2 temples in PROVO? I can't wait ... the Provo temple just gets SO busy sometimes.


- - - - -

Speaking of church things, I watched this Mormon Messages video on youtube and actually cried at work. And then I made a list of things to do to help people. Anyone want to give blood with me?

- - - - -

Next item of business. This blog is one of my new favorites. Mostly because of things like this. Oh, how I love Ryan Gosling.


- - - - -

I have always loved Pat Green, but lately I've been listening to him a lot. If you haven't heard of him, you should listen to this song. I just love him.

And that's all I have to say.


Stephanie said...

Cried at work. Curious.

tiassa said...

Heeey I recognize that Mormon Messages video. My aunt is the one who sewed the quilt.

ashley said...

Look! I'm commenting on your blog! But a post with the cool new Provo temple, the prophet and Ryan Gosling all in one? How can I not comment. :)

I loved all the twitter/facebook talk in GC this year. Gotta love it!