Saturday, June 16, 2012

Look at these things

I found this website: wittlebee - like Birchbox, but for kids clothes! Now I just need a kid ...
Wait, everyone has joined Birchbox, right? Click here if you haven't ...

Here is a super awesome talk from Elder Ballard about the importance of families.

Hilarious craigslist ad. Chances are you've probably seen it, but it's super funny ... those hipsters ....

This website - discounts on gift cards!

More kids clothes shopping ... like Kid to Kid but online ... has anyone tried this?

A list of Birthday freebies - My birthday is coming right up, $30 Benihana gift card? Yes please.

Speaking of my birthday ... we're contemplating a family vacation for that week, to here:

We should go, right? Even if it's only to hang out with those punks.
PS Thanks Ellen for the pics :)

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for all the good links to these. I hadn't heard of most of them. How fun.