Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a ring

So once upon a time, Lucas had a really sweet wedding band. It was super thick and just his style and awesome ... then one day it was gone. Missing. Suspiciously. Never to be seen again.
Point is, he needs a new one. We've been shopping around (mostly on etsy, they have the best ones), but haven't come to a conclusion. We really like both of these:



Personally, I feel like the first one is not really wedding band material ... but he is from Michigan .... I just really love the thickness of the second one. They can make it 15mm thick!

Any thoughts? Maybe we should just get both?


Robynn said...

I really love the Michigan one...not conventional but so so cool. Dan has a thick ring and likes it but sometimes it gets hot and he has to take it off for a while...or at least that's his story...

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

both! the second is pretty sweet for more traditional band i guess. first one is fun though. i gotta get a new one for chris, his has always been a little small...poor chap.