Sunday, August 26, 2012

a bunch of random

Here are a bunch of fun things from the internet:

Anyone want to go to this calligraphy workshop with me? It's Saturday in Draper.

A couple of things I want from Sephora: eyeshadow & eyeshadow & lotion in my very favorite scent.

How cute is this diaper bag? Any diaper bag recommendations? I'm a tad overwhelmed by the choices out there ...

Punchfork - my new favorite recipe website.

Nymbler - the personal baby name assistant ... we're still taking suggestions :)

You're kidding me with these, right?

If I had a million dollars, I would buy everything from this store for baby girl.

Read this blog. It might make you cry a little, but it's an awesome story from a very brave girl (she lives in my ward and is incredible!)

Listen to this, it's hilarious.

My favorite new blog - Little Band of Brothers

On Empathy & Apathy - good little article

And maybe I've watched this commercial a hundred times. I die laughing every time.

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Kristen and Andrew said...

Don't ask me why... but when you said "read this blog, it might make you cry a little bit" I HAD to read it. What an amazing girl! And yes, I did cry.