Thursday, August 23, 2012


*Thanks to my favorite ever seminary teacher, Bro Johnson for the title and for helping me build a strong testimony of prayer.

I know I haven't been very open about this pregnancy, but I feel like it's important to talk about the last week or so ...
We went in at 18 weeks for an ultrasound (no biggie, I have them every 2 weeks), checked out the sex - GIRL! - and did the usual vag check of the cervix. Dr Bean got kind of quiet and said there's a little tiny bit of bad news, that he could see a triangle shape (looked like a shadow), and said it could be funneling. Cervical funneling is what happened last time with the twins, at about the same time. It's basically a sign of an incompetent cervix and can lead to early dilation and premature birth. BUT, this shadow could also just be the way the baby was positioned. He wanted us to come in a week later (rather than our usual 2), and to take it easy that week. He also said he wasn't worried, just a tiny bit concerned.

I expected a pretty rough week, sleepless nights, and panic every time I felt anything unusual. But after talking it through with Lucas, we realized that we have zero control here. There is nothing I can do to strengthen my cervix, nothing I can really do to keep it from funneling if it wants to. We realized that it's all up to our Heavenly Father. So ... I got a wonderful Priesthood Blessing from Lucas, went to the temple, and we prayed our guts out all week (thanks to everyone who prayed for me also!).

I love knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of me and loves me. I loving knowing that He is excited that we are becoming parents and having a family. I love knowing that He is happy to send me a baby girl to take care of. He blessed me that I would feel peace throughout the week and the pregnancy as we deal with these issues. And even though it's hard to hear, I love knowing that He will help us through the trials we will have to endure in the future. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the opportunity to have blessings whenever I need them thanks to a wonderful husband who honors this great power.

I decided that even if I ended up on bed rest until January, I would be okay with it.

The week went by very smoothly, I didn't worry hardly at all, and we had another appointment at 19 weeks. Heartbeat sounded awesome, the little shady triangle was gone. My cervix is still measuring perfectly average and things are looking great with the baby. We are so grateful that I can continue the pregnancy normally, and so so so grateful to get to bring this little gal into the world.


Ashleigh said...

I love thist post! So many times, I have to realize I'm not in control of things in my life too. It really is hard to let go of that control and just turn it over to the Lord. I am glad you got great results and that all the prayers are working. :)

P.S. Speaking of seminary, I only got one unsatisfactory grade in high school seminary. Can you guess which teacher? I can't remember his name but he was the skinny geeky one that hated that you and I talked all the time. haha!

Stephanie said...

This is great. I love you.
The kids have some name ideas for you.
Savanna- Goldie.
Halle-rarity or really any of the my little ponys.

Doug and Blaine Turk said...

i love you. prayers are continuing. no more funnel! no more funnel! no more funnel! smooch.

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

you blow my mind (in a good way) I love your posts, you keep me feeling so positive about life. I got about three blessings from Chris when i was pregnant with Dot...blessings are great. I'm so so glad your cervix is doing its job, too. I'm excited for you and Lucas!