Friday, September 21, 2012

texts out of context: part 2.

So here it is: version 2.
See version 1 here, and my inspiration here. Enjoy.

*Drug tests and relapses. How did you sleep?

*WTH? What's with the horse head and twin dancers?

*Tyler has been up banging on sh*t since 4. I've been up since 4.

*There is a pack of coyotes howling right now.

*(1 minute later) That is K on the periodic table.

*... and this gross lady in buckskins.

*Date with the nibbler is over. He kind of grew on me.

*You are missing a horrible windstorm.

*Yes. Ron. Swanson.

*Crap on a stick.

*I may or may not be using your trifle dish to make the trifle recipe I stole from your pinterest to make a dessert from a bridal shower I'm hosting.

*Clothing would be my vote.

*Pretty much pure hell.

*Oh man!! I'm am so stupid!!

*No I'm not fat .... I'm pregnant.

*I did and I regret it and I threw up in my mouth.

*Yeah. Hope that 60K in debt was worth it.

*Sweet Dee is the king of the world.
*(2 minutes later) Or queen.

*I am just naturally fat :)

*I know, which I find puzzling because she seems so normal.

*So he texted me and wanted to know how my date was. He sucks.

*Do you think he will freak out on a giant flat wakeboarding tube floating down the provo? It's really big.

*But a lion tamer gets to not only be in charge of lions but also gets to have a whip and wear leather!

*Sounds like the dumbass runs in the family.

*If you see him, kick him in the balls for me.

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