Friday, April 27, 2012


Get excited. I'm copying the delightful Jessica Jensen and giving you my very own rendition of Texts Out Of Context. Version 1. I even did a test run at work last night and had my friend Sandy laughing out loud at some of these .... hopefully I can elicit the same response from some of you.

Without further adieu, I give you Texts Out Of Context: V1.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Have u seen them?!? Ur gonna laugh so hard an be like .... what was the point of this again?? Gah

I will just to fire him up. He seems dickish today.

You can get a faster and stronger uptake with caffeine if you take it anally.

Oh sick, maybe she has a lady crush on you.

Have fun and remember who you are. That's what my mom always says.

If you count eating a bowl of cereal, then yes.

Oh great. Gross. Are you going to have to listen to it?

Boooooo! No way to do what? Hang out and shop? Gamble? Get drunk with you?

Did you smack her? Sorry you're not feeling good.

You are nicer than me ... I'm just waiting for her dog to eat something!

I figured it out! I got herpes from that tattoo shop! Go figure!

I'm used to presents wrapped in blankets.

Dilute it or it will burn. Or take it orally in a capsule.

Yep. Way better than a tumor.

Just cleaned up the biggest blowout. There is poop on my sheets.

Ok it's locked in my office ... with my keys ...

I may or may not be using your trifle dish to make the trifle recipe I stole from your pinterest to make a dessert for a bridal shower I'm hosting.

I purposely hid it so you have to come back.

I'm not in jail ... judge forgave us. I will consider the cigarettes on a more stressful day.

Oh my hell. I would kill myself. Let me know if you need to borrow my gun.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

In other news, I have this friend. Preston Pugmire. Pretty much the most awesome musician in the history of the world. And really funny. And has the cutest wife, Corine. I really wanted to hear this song of his, Helen, so I thought I would check the youtube and see if I could find it. Here is what I found:

He's famous. I knew he was famous, but he's really famous. And so great. Pugmires: Can you please meet us in San Fran in June? We'd love to see you.

One more thing. Steph sent me this. I can't get over this baby, he is the cutest thing.

Thanks Steph.


ydnew.nesral said...

I just love you!!! Loved your texts out of context... =) I too love the picture Steph sent. You are an incredible aunt and will me an amazing mom!!! (Hopefully sooner than later). We need to do a temple date soon! Probably not till I get back from Europe though.

Lorien said...

I am so happy that you did your TOOC. So funny, and I recognize some of them!! GREAT! and you and Asher are adorable

julieb said...

totally funny! and lets get them to visit in june too! how fun!

Christian and Kennebec Vial said...

well I thought that was pretty funny. "he seems dickish today" was definitely my favorite. thank you for that :)

Corine said...

Oh good, its letting me comment!
1. Please let it work for us for June
2. We really love, like, LOVE you guys
3. it helps that his name is Preston Pugmire- not too much competition in the google search with a name like that huh?
4. Real glad you got instagram. Its my fav