Monday, April 2, 2012

some things

Here are some random things from my extra long day at work:

I love the HATCH Collection. If every single item wasn't a million dollars I'd consider shopping here exclusively for when I get pregnant again ... someday ...

I love The Talks - especially Bill Murray. There are interviews with several of my very favorites ...

Have you heard of the Neon Trees? Not to brag, but the drummer (Elaine) used to practice with her previous band in my garage. And, she may or may not have spent several weeks sleeping on my futon. I'm practically famous.
Anyway, they're playing a show in OREM this weekend! Not only that, it's a benefit concert for Autism. We're going to be camping this weekend so we won't be able to go ... but you should if you can! Tickets are only $20! (banner from The Jet Set)

And ... I know I mentioned Instagram last time a blogged ... but I am obsessed with it. Thanks to my dear friend Lorien, I'm participating in Photo A Day April! How fun, right?

And finally, thanks to my dear friend Blaine for this. It's lovely.

PS Blaine & Ellen - 11 days! The countdown is on!!