Sunday, April 29, 2012

trek - april 2012

What a great time. I was only able to go for a few days, but we went to Boulder. One of my favorite places in the world ...

1. pretty scenery
2. merlin hall 1925
3. love that tongue
4. pretty scenery
5. family
6. cairn
7. luke & dallan in the staff tent
8. tired brok
9. hot boy
10. fire
11. sunrise

please excuse the different edits on the pictures, I've been playing with PicMonkey ...


Stephanie said...

Great pictures. I really like the one of you and Lucas. You look incredibly thin. I can comment on your blog again because Mike fixed our internet. And by fixed I mean ran a cord across our entire bedroom. It is awesome. Anyway, I loved your tooc. I am glad a few of mine made the cut. I just read that girls entire blog yesterday. She is freaking hilarious. I'm glad you are liking instagram. It is great. Also, I got your yucky flu from a few weeks ago. Thanks for that.

Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

I love your pictures. It looks like a great little vacation!