Monday, April 23, 2012


Maybe I'm crazy, but I love Wes Anderson. I love every single movie he's ever made, and could watch them over and over. I highly recommend each and every one, own them all, and will let you borrow them if you don't know what I'm talking about.
He's got a new one out next month (although it looks like it will be hitting Utah in June ...), and I'm counting down the days. It's called Moonrise Kingdom. I shared the trailer a little while ago, but found this little treat tonight: Click on this.

Next: I don't know if anyone else reads this blog: bloggity blog ... but this post had me rolling for at least 10 minutes at work tonight. I wish I was as funny as this girl. She kills me, and she has no idea that I exist and look forward to her every post. She also brings us the best baby names of Rexburg, ID. Every year some newspaper publishes all the names of the babies born in Rexburg (or at least the ones whose parents want to pay for it). She chooses the best ones and shares them each year. Read this, you will love it.
Also, she does texts out of context. I may have to copy her and post some of my own, I have some good ones saved up. Stayed tuned for that.

Today was a really great day. Church was so great this morning. I haven't been to church in like 6 weeks (conference, out of town, working), and I really enjoyed the spirit I felt today. I got to teach Relief Society, which I love, and we discussed the blessings of the temple. What a wonderful topic, and a great reminder to serve in the temple.
I had a super long nap (I'm currently working a graveyard - boo), then we went on a hike up South Fork Canyon to Big Springs. I love Sunday hikes more than life itself. After the hike we went to my parent's house to christen their backyard fireplace. Delicious hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner, then adult talk by the fire while the boys put on a movie.
Does it get any better?

Instagram pics from today (I'm totally obsessed - follow me! mindykane):

1. dogs in the water - hiking
2. Big Springs
3. Brok & his stick, nerd
4. dogs
5. fireplace in mom's backyard

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Jessie said...

I do now!! PLEASE publish your texts. I keep waiting for it to catch on but so far it hasn't :\