Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sometimes we do family home evening, but certainly not each week like we should ...
But sometimes we get lucky and a really awesome activity just happens to fall on a Monday night.

And Brett was planning on going also, so we took him and his buddy Jordan and made it even more of a "family evening".

For those of you unfamiliar with Muse, here is their most recent single, and a super awesome song:

And for Steph, Muse did most of the Twilight soundtrack, you might recognize this one:

The concert was awesome, and free thanks to my dear friend Kit. We had the best time!


Stephanie said...

Nice ornery face Hal. Hope you had fun. I like that music.

Kit Nordfelt said...

Your welcome.

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Ooh! How fun! Happy FHE Night to you two :)