Monday, August 1, 2011

family vacation time

A month ago we went on a sweet road trip to Mount Rushmore. I know, I month? I'm ridiculous at blogging ... in my defense, summer is crazy busy! Anyway, the trip was so much fun, and tons of driving. We headed up through Wyoming, stopped at the Wyoming Frontier Prison, which was super cool. I know that touring an old prison doesn't sound super cool, bit it totally was.....

1. an actual gas chamber!
2. water tower from inside
3. cell block B - Lucas scared the H out of some kids on the tour with us ... one of them fell on the ground
4. Lucas
5. cell block A - I love the lines ...
6. the prison

Then we headed up to Keyhole State Park and camped by Keyhole Reservoir. It was SO pretty, we even got up to swim in the reservoir early in the morning before heading to Devils Tower....

Devils Tower was pretty awesome, with lots of history. We hiked around for a while, saw plenty of wildlife (and some awesome rock climbers!) then headed to

Mount Rushmore! Smaller than I expected, but I guess that's what I get for living in the Rockies. It was super cool to see how the faces were carved and everything. We'll take the kids in 15 years probably.

We spent the next couple of days in that area, saw some other sights (some caves and other mountain carvings and WALL DRUG) then headed back through Wyoming. We stopped in Thermopolis and stayed at a pretty trashy quaint motel owned by the nicest Mormon lady in the world. Lucas commented on her huge stack of B of M's and she fell in love with us.
The next morning we checked out the Thermopolis Hot Springs (sorry, no pictures), and they were super awesome! We'll go back there for sure...

We headed West and spent most of the day in Yellowstone. We love that place.

Had dinner and did some shopping in Jackson, then drove to Idaho for the night.
The next morning we drove through Bear Lake then stopped in Logan to see the kiddos for a while, then headed home.

All in all, great trip.

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Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

you hair looks awesome! and luke looked like a real prisoner with that nasty stache. lets play sometime i miss you