Wednesday, September 7, 2011

8 good things right now

grilled cheese. oh how I love a good grilled cheese, with miracle whip on top ....

vanilla tootsie rolls. limited edition.

this guy. i just love him to death.

willie nelson! we saw him in concert in real life last night. Luke bought a bandanna.

this book. it's so so so great. about the history and work of the Relief Society.

new tires on the Pilot. it looks super awesome ....

we will be picking up Adam at the airport in 12 hours.

Julie A B Gillrie. solved my picture problem ... what a dream. thanks jules! (ps REALLY cute pictures in Tahoe)

1 comment:

Corine said...

This made me want a grilled cheese. I'm heading to the store. Also, that RS book is so so pretty huh? Also, we read your blog regularly and never comment. But we love it and you and Lucas and Brock dog.