Friday, May 25, 2012

a bunch of things

Check out this post from The Art of Manliness - totally makes me want to buy this and live in 1950.

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Yesterday was the Special Olympics Torch Run! Here are some iphone pics:

Check out awesome Lorien dragging that kid of hers all around (and up hills!) with the bike trailer - she rocks!

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Next, since Lucas is on Trek this week, we weren't able to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day (don't feel bad for us, we're spending a week in San Francisco next week!). Luckily, I have the greatest husband ever ... he had a lovely surprise waiting for me on my desk at work that morning...

He knows how much I love my Diet Coke and Good & Plenty ... He's the best.

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So I'm teaching Relief Society this week, and it's Teaching for Our Time. The article is from the most recent conference: Coming to Ourselves: The Sacrament, the Temple, and Sacrifice in Service. It's such a great talk from Elder Robert D Hales encouraging us to become spiritually self-reliant as we live our covenants. You should read it.

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Last, my friend Jesse has this awesome blog where she puts her incredible work - Scatter Sunshine Printables. She's seriously so talented. Anyway, she added one recently with a summer B of M reading chart - I'm totally going to do it. Check it out.

PS Jesse - I wish you and I were better friends, I think you're really neat.


Stephanie said...

Grandma n used to have a mower like that. I used it. Now I totally want one. Have fun on your trip.

Jesse Petersen said...

Hi Mindy, I didn't know you had a blog til Julie forwarded a link. Thanks for the shout out for my Scatter Sunshine- LDS printable blog.
I also have a design blog that has a few non LDS printable downloads mixed with other design stuff.
You're cool. :) Lets be friends.

Lorien said...

I want one of those push mowers too! what a workout! and thanks for the shout out, it was a really fun little ride. I love that BOM chart, I'm going to make it a priority to do .. maybe even challenge my little primary kids to do it!