Friday, May 4, 2012

from the internet

Here are some links and other things I found on the internet while bored at work:

I'm completely obsessed with this scent. Like, I use it almost every day. I want to make it my signature.

A lovely PDF list of 10 must-take pictures for each month - print it!

Here is a wonderful talk from Richard G Scott about obtaining revelation and inspiration for your personal life.

Check out Print Wolf - they have some awesome prints, and they're one of the Hen Movie Club's sponsors!

I want everything, especially the scarf.

Remember picnik? Sad it's gone? Try this. I love it.

I want this to be my house.

These maps are super cool.

Bought these at Target yesterday. Love them.

And some blogs that I love to read: The Polished Pickle, Ashley & Dizzle, and coleman in love. Enjoy!

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Gina said...

thank you for introducing me to pic monkey! I've been missing piknic very much. Hope you are well!