Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st patrick + etsy

In the early morning work hours I really love to look at other people's blogs. And I really love when these bloggers have rummaged through etsy to find me the cute stuff so I don't have to. So I browsed a little bit today, mostly because work was extra boring. Here are some St Patrick's Day themed items I found and love and want to order....

kelly green messenger bag the leather store

lucky necklace StephieMc

luck print raw art letter press

baby booties haloopajoop

earings silver cholla

onesie am studio art

Hopefully I can still find this adorable onesie when we have a little Seamus around ....


Stephanie said...

I was going to ask if you were expecting a little Seamus with all the baby stuff. I want the bag too.

Haloopa Joop said...

Hi I am Haloopa Joop and just stumbled across your blog - thank you so much for the mention, it's made my day!