Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm loving the weather lately, we've been spending tons of time outside. Brok gets so worn out from chasing his ball ... he usually ends up passed out on the cool tile of the kitchen floor.

Our dear friends Kate and Kenny went out of town this weekend so we had some wonderful visitors. Brok loves Hank (they used to be roommates), and is getting used to Ruby ... they even came with us on our Sunday hike.

(action shot)

Sunday hikes are the best.


Stephanie said...

You guys are looking so good. I am proud of you. I wish we lived close enough to go on a sunday hike with you. And I loved your Luce letter. It was so cute!

julieb said...

loooovvvve the first picture of brok.
when did they get ruby?
and lucas looks great without the beard. and lets hang out

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

i love sunday walks/hikes! mindy i love you,...but those glasses kinda look silly on you.
still friends?

Mindy said...

Julie: Ruby is Kate's mom's dog who was originally Kate's. She's a brat.
Jillyn: I know, aren't they ridiculous?? They were $4 at the XXI, give me a break ....