Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it's wednesday

I get to leave work early today to go with Lorien to see Andrea. I love going to Andrea's ... but I'm growing my hair out. I have to keep reminding myself.

Here are some things I'm super excited about today:

She & Him released their new album, volume 2, yesterday. I love these guys.

I found this really fun little place, the curiosity shoppe. They have some fun stuff that I want to buy.

The Manila Temple was the "temple spotlight" in the new Ensign (April). My little brother Adam is serving his mission in the Phillipines and this is his area temple (I'm not sure if he ever gets to go). I just love Elder Nielson, we miss him a lot.

I found this awesome little tidbit from the March Ensign, and also on one of my favorite blog-stalking blogs, The Polished Pickle. I want to be this kind of mom.
The tidbit: A woman expressed, "Last summer I complained to a friend that I was exhausted, having no fun, living like an automaton. Nonsympathetically, she countered 'What do you think this is? A dress rehearsal? This is your life, Carol. Fix it.' I expected a pat and a kind word. Instead, I got a splash of reality square in the face. She was, of course, right. I wasn't giving my life value, so I didn't feel it had value."

I love it.

And I secretly love these, but I can't decide if they're actually cute. I know for sure I could never pull it off. Unless I had a boy haircut again .....

Happy Wednesday!

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Wong's Paradise said...

Love your DO... so cute on you, and you could pull off those hair berets.. Love the temple in Manila this is where my husband spent his mission... Think of you, miss you too ..