Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4: Today's Playlist

I started out the morning with Bright Eyes on the way to work.

I got to work and pulled up my Grooveshark. I love Pandora, but I feel like this is way better ...

I put on some She and Him

Followed by a whole bunch of Eva Cassidy


I just love her. If you want to read about her, and maybe cry a little, read this.

And then more Bright Eyes to round out the afternoon ... they're my favorite.

Also, this whole BYU basketball star business is making me laugh. I don't care about college sports, but I love this. I love Heather Armstrong, even if she's a little inappropriate sometimes ...

AND, my sister-in-law Ellen had a baby girl this morning! Congrats Adams Fam! (pictures coming soon I hope)

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