Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 days of lists

I'm going to try something. In addition to my usual (sporadic) blogging, I'm going to make some lists. Like this, and this. Just for March, to see how I do. Hopefully it will work :)

March 1: A few things about yourself

I'm 27.
I'm a wife to a really really great guy.
I'm LDS.
I'm a proctor mom to 3 punk teenagers.
I'm a sister.
I have 2 dogs: Brok and Belle (Belle is a foster).
I love to hike and bike.
I can play the piano, but I don't very often (maybe I'll learn this one.)
I love to take pictures.
I drink too much Diet Coke.
I love giraffe prints, and also zebra.
I love my life.

PS I have 2 new favorites: SVPPLY and PINTEREST - follow me, you'll love it.


The Adams said...

i love your blog......just sayin!!

julieb said...

you love lists!
and i want to meet belle